Digital Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation Campaign
March 27, 2018

How I generated more than 500 leads for the logistics company using one of the Best Digital Marketing Strategy?

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In Forture, I got a lot of opportunities to strategize and execute many PPC Campaigns. One of our clients business in the sector of Logistics and it is one of the competitive markets in the Bangalore.

India’s Logistics Market

India’s Current logistics Industry is worth of USD 160 billion, in next two years by 2020 it will likely to touch USD 215 billion.(by Economic Times). Going forward, the evolution of India’s Cargo and Logistics Industry can be realized through uniform progress across all segments. Urbanisation is taking place at a rate of 31.16% in India, this the faster rate in the last century. The Mini truck services are more in demand in major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, etc.

The blog: Digital Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation Campaign, is the key to this Lead Generation Campaign.

Let us discuss each and every step in forming the strategy and executing digital marketing for Lead generation campaign for the Logistics firm in Bangalore.

Understanding the Logistics Business

First I had a deep discussion with their marketing and sales team. I understand the business and their objectives clearly. Here I say that in a single line

“Mini truck services in and around Bangalore”

I did my research on this area, to know about the Industry and the demand in the local market.

Finding the Target Audiences

Here, my client is solving the problem of people who are looking for shifting their house, offices etc. I also added some shop owners who need regular and seasonal services for the long-term.

Selecting the Platforms & Method

We chose to go with Demand Fulfillment platform because the demand for the services is already high in our target location. We were able to found the right audience on the platform like Google.

It is straightforward, People who are looking for truck services will be searching on google.

My client wants instant results. The Sales can be closed mostly within 2-3 hours, sometimes conversion will happen in less than 10 mins. So we decided to promote only by Google Search Ads.

Get Ready to Setup Ad Campaign

To set up a proper Ads, I followed certain steps,

  • Keyword Research and Ad groups
  • Ad Copy
  • Landing Pages

Keyword Research and Ad Groups

I spend my time on finding the right keywords for the business. My objective in keyword research is to reach more potential audience and also I should not advertise for the unwanted or unuseful keywords. I collect two set of keywords, one is keywords to target ads, and another set of negative keywords, where I don’t want to waste my budget.

In my case, for mini truck services and which can serve in and around Bangalore.

I selected most of the keywords which are related to “mini trucks”, “hire mini trucks”, etc. I play with Keyword match types, so I can have control over my ads. Mostly I used Broad Match Modifiers and Phrase match.

My Another set of Negative keywords related to “from Bangalore to Chennai”, “other cities”, “big trucks”, etc.

I categorized the keywords in some categories and added in separate ad groups based on some themes, where I can show similar ads for those set of keywords. I use this to organize my Ad campaigns and also to show the right ads for the right keywords people search for,

Ad Copy

Ad copy has to answer the query(keyword) people search for. Ad copy should have the keywords to increase the ad relevance. Here we have to grab the attention of the audience.

As this market area is competitive, we have to show the more benefits and offers than competitors.

We used all possible Ad extensions to communicate features and benefits. Mainly we focused the Call Extension(to mobiles only)

We have done AB Testing, to find out the best performing ads.

Expert Tip: We used CTA(call-to-action) in the Ad Text.

Landing Pages

First, we started the ads with their homepage, where it reduced the Quality score of the ads.

In next few days, we designed a new landing page and started ads with the new landing page. In the

new page we had maintained the quality score level on the scale of 8-10.

In the new landing page, we just tried to communicate all the features and benefits in a single page and also UX-UI design important. It has to be appealing and simple to understand and also easy to usthe e.

Lead Generation(Form Filling details)

In the Landing page, Leads can be generated by filling the form. Here the form is different from other lead campaigns.

We collect four details to get the quote,

  • from location
  • to location
  • vehicle type
  • phone no.

Above the form, we display the minimum fare.

These things we executed only on the new landing page.

The Conversion Rate is around 5% at the early stage, I optimized the campaigns and manage to increase the Conversion to up to 14%.

In a total period of around 50 days, totally more than 600 leads were generated. In the 600+ leads, more than 70% leads converted to hire the trucks.

Once the lead is collected, it will transfer to the telecalling team. They will take care of rest. We had the best team and also service is on demand. So the conversion made good profits.

After the Service:

Once the goods shifted to the destination. In next one or two days, we used to get feedback from the customers. We ask them to give ratings and reviews.

Refer & earn marketing strategy works at this stage very well.

The strategy followed here is summarized into 5 steps,

  1. Understanding the Business
  2. Identifying the Target Audience
  3. Select Promotional Method & Platforms
  4. Lead/Sales Funnel
  5. After Sales

I love to listen to your view on this blog.

Let me know your strategy, that will help me in the upcoming campaigns.

Please comment below.

If you find this post will be helpful, I’d be very grateful if you share it. Thank you!

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Sri Ganesh Ram
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